Farewell Good Friend THIERRY

I met Thierry Garby for the first time in 1984 during the Bordeaux Congress of AIJA. We were both young lawyers. Our friendship grew as we both became members of the Executive Committee. Thierry was the President of AIJA when the Congress was held in Delhi. What a memorable event that was Thierry called the Congress in India “Fascinating”. It was fascinating with Elephants, Camels and village theme party after the inauguration by The Chief Justice of India, a trip to the Taj Mahal in 35 buses organized by the unforgettable Col. Puri, Elephant Polo, et al.
Our Friendship grew with age as both of us progressed to the U.I.A. Our meetings in different parts of the world continued till we met again in Delhi in 1999.
The last time I met him was in Belgium for Helena de Backer’s daughter, Alexandria’s special wedding of flowers-flowers from India
We both enjoyed what we were doing professionally till he was snatched away from us. Thierry will be greatly missed by all his “not so young” former young lawyer friends from AIJA. Farewell my friend.


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