au revoir l’ami !

Cher Thierry,
je ne suis pas du genre « sentimental ». j’ai reçu aujourd’hui un message Linkedin « Congratulate Thierry Garby and 2 others for work » et suite à cela après une recherche sur Google (« tiens, comment va Thierry ces jours-ci ? ») , j’ai appris ton décès, il y a de cela un mois déjà. Permets-moi de continuer en Anglais pour que tout un chacun le comprenne.
Dear Thierry,
I am not the sentimental kind of person, but today, after being informed by « chance », (if you may call this « chance »), that you passed away one month ago, I am really chocked and so is Brigitte.
We met for the first time in Bordeaux, at the AIJA congress in 1984. We symphaticised immediately. Afterwards, we met not only at all the other AIJA congresses but also in-between in Paris, in Belgium, in Knokke, at the Belgian sea-side, during the best week-end ever, with better than Côte d’Azur temperatures, in Le Touquet, etc.
It’s sad that only the members of the Academy Française are « immortals ». Some « mortals » should also benefit of this favor and you should have been one of them. For us, you remain « immortal » in our thoughts. It was a pleasure and a real privilege to have known you as a real Friend.
My condolences for all those who love(d) you, Helena, and your children.
RIP my dear Friend. Life isn’t always fair but we know you had a good life, and this counts more than the number of years.
Brigitte and Karel MUL


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